Dami Im Goes Track By Track On Her 'In Between' EP

7 July 2023 | 2:39 pm | Staff Writer

In Between is a collection of songs Dami Im made amidst the rocky shift into motherhood.

Dami Im

Dami Im (Source: Supplied)

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In Between is a collection of songs I made amidst the rocky shift into motherhood. The seven tracks chronologically document the seven stages of emotional states, exploring themes of identity, societal expectations, love and friendship, before ultimately realising that life exists within the liminal space of In Between.

Role Model 

As I penned one of the earliest songs for this EP with Jay Bovino, my co-writer for four of the seven tracks, I was still in the early stages of pregnancy and grappling with a multitude of pent-up frustrations. I had always felt the weight of societal expectations as if a predetermined version of myself existed that I was supposed to embody: the role model, the gentle mother-to-be, cradling her belly in a flowy floral dress, smiling serenely amidst the verdant woods. This expectation felt like a suffocating straitjacket, and this song is my response.

Optical Illusion

The most interesting kinds of people are the ones that have an elusive side to them that we don’t see unless we look closely enough. For many, hidden beneath the surface are unexpected and surprising traits that challenge our preconceptions, adding layers of depth and intrigue to their character. This song is about wanting to hold onto the multiple layers of yourself that others don’t know about.

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The essence of Collide centres around the concept of embracing new seasons in life. It’s about the bittersweet process of bidding farewell to the past and embracing the new season that you’re entering into. This pivotal track within the EP marks the turning point as the beginning of accepting the realities of a new era in life. 

Originally the song was written solely on piano, but with Andy Mak coming on board to produce the track, we went through an experimental production process to find the balance between conveying both power and angst and preserving vulnerability.  


The most romantic track on the EP, Superhero, is about acknowledging and celebrating the strength and resilience of a person who may appear gentle and unassuming on the surface but possess an inner power and fortitude that allows them to overcome challenges and persevere through difficult times. It’s a song to remind someone who is going through a time of confusion and self-doubt of everything they’ve endured and overcome.


As you strive and hustle to reach new goals and new heights, there will inevitably be naysayers and detractors who cast doubt and criticism. It’s easy for those on the outside to offer judgment, but the true challenge lies in persevering through the struggles and putting in the work. This song serves as a heartfelt tribute to the unwavering support of the team around me and anyone who stands in the arena and helps push on forward. 


The most upbeat and anthemic track on this EP is centred around taking someone for granted and realising their worth only after they are gone. I collaborated with Jay Bovino, as well as George and Amy Sheppard, in creating this fun track. 

I was heavily pregnant on the day that we wrote this song and had trouble singing, with this being such a difficult song to sing. I needed to rerecord after the baby came out. I tried to include very specific and personal references to my husband in the lyrics, i.e. he was a former baseball player, but I also aimed for the lyrics to be relatable and universal enough for listeners to connect and singalong to. 

In Between (Feat. Jude York)

The last track of the EP and also the final track I composed, In Between, encapsulates the essence of the project’s overarching theme. I was going on a long stroll and decided to walk through the cemetery. As I read the inscriptions on some of the gravestones, I began to ponder about the significance of the fleeting moments that occur in between life’s bigger events and how precious they are. 

Collaborating with Jude, whom I discovered through Eurovision Australia Decides, was just so much fun, and I feel like something quirky and joyful came from working together. His voice added an extra layer of richness to the song and was a perfect way to end this EP.

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