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Caroline & Claude’s Hardest-Hitting Truths

11 July 2023 | 10:37 pm | Ellie Robinson

The up-and-coming pop duo celebrate the release of their latest single, ‘Slap’, by hitting us with their five biggest life lessons.

Caroline & Claude

Caroline & Claude (Credit: Leonora Coenraads)

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Sydney-born, Adelaide-based pop duo Caroline & Claude have stunned us with their crash-hot new single Slap, marking one their boldest and most infectious songs to date.

In a joint statement, the siblings explained that it’s all about “the hard-hitting truths” – the ones where “you need to hear them, but boy does it hurt”. The song, they said, “explores the idea that everything in your life is going downhill, and it's just one slap after the other... and the words people say to you, whether [they’re] true or not, HURT! I guess miss Lizzo wasn't lying when she sang Truth Hurts...”

Slap was written in Auckland, New Zealand alongside BENEE collaborator Josh Fountain, with additional flair coming from Simon Gooding (best known for his work with Dua Lipa and Pink) on mixing duties, and Leon Zervos (Pink, Rihanna) behind mastering.

On the creative process, Caroline & Claude said: “From the beginning, Slap was one of those songs where whilst writing it we got giddy and couldn’t contain the pure energy in the room. Writing the track in Auckland with Josh Fountain set the tone of the song to already be a #BANGER. There was pure inspiration and a pre-existing excitement in the room... We all were feeling this song hard in the studio.”

To commemorate the release of Slap, we caught up with the duo to learn about five of their own hard-hitting truths.

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You’re not Rachel Sennott!! (by Claude)

Rachel Sennott is one of my favourite actors right now (she’s in Shiva Baby, Bodies Bodies Bodies etc). Every few months, I fixate on a new celebrity (last month’s issue, Julia Roberts), then I accidentally become them. It’s so unhealthy and so fun !! Eek !  Right now I’ve convinced myself - and my lifestyle - that I am Rachel Sennott… a hot virgo queen with many ambitions. I almost enrolled in comedy school because of it… just like her! But I am NOT Rachel Sennott!! Maybe I’m just inspired!! Or maybe I’m psychotic 😘 Either way, I need to chill out and take a reality check!!

Inflation is REAL, but mama likes to spend (by Caroline)

Whether I’m in ALDI or a store with trinkets galore, God knows I’m willing and – not so – able to spend $7 on a mini can of Pringles and $20 on a sonny angel. It’s worth it till it isn’t !!

Pretty privilege exists and NO ONE is talking about it… (by Claude)

Being #pretty can get you many things… Free samples, a nice smile, endless ways for cutting corners. And it’s a REAL thing. Normal people deserve better! I think we should stop judging !!! I’m neither pretty nor normal… I’m Hot! So I don’t fully know the experience of the pretty or normal person, but what I do know is this needs to change!!!

I have sad nipple syndrome. (by Caroline)

I feel the world ending through the tip of my nip. Shoutout to my sad nipple gals out in the world #youareseen - this is actually 100% serious and if you think you have sad nipple syndrome, look it up because that's what I did. #notalone

It’s obvious when you’re not being you! (by Caroline and Claude)

It’s 2023 guys, gals and pals… being you is IN!!! Here at Caroline & Claude, we SUPPORT individuality! And as RuPaul said many of times…. “IF YOU CAN’T LOVE YOURSELF, HOW IN THE HELL ARE YOU GONNA LOVE SOMEBODY ELSE…”!!!