Carlton Dry Independent Music Awards: RUFUS

7 October 2014 | 1:24 pm | Staff Writer

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Carlton Dry Independent Music Award Nominations: Best Independent Dance, Electronica Or Club Single (Sundream), Best Independent Album and Best Independent Dance, Electronica Album (Atlas)

What was the last thing you won? We got a free bottle of wine at dinner last night actually.

Your performance at last year’s ceremony was great. What are some memories you have from the night? The venue was pretty special [Revolt]. That old factory filled with dust and awesome wooden beams casting shadows everywhere. I think it’s in a new place this year; hopefully it lives up to the vibe of last years place.

You’ve received three Carlton Dry Independent Music Award noms for this year, how did you find this information out? Twitter.

Is it exciting to know you have the same amount of nominations as Sia? Happy for all the success she has been having. I hope she cleans up.

Do you reckon being nominated for Carlton Dry Independent Music Awards previously makes you feel closer to a win? It makes you realise how special it is to be nominated alongside all these artists you respect.

How did you finance your debut album? With cash from live shows and a lot of time. We did it ourselves because that’s how we wanted to do it but, to be honest, we wouldn’t have been able to afford renting a studio or engineer or producer.

How would you rate the experience of recording it? Creating something that you are proud of is always fulfilling.

How many people do you have on the payroll these days and what do they do for you? Haha, probably more than we can count. There are so many people all around the world doing different things. We’re lucky to have such a tight, core team though. Sweat It Out as our label in Australia, and all the artists on the label, are pretty much family for us.

What does being independent mean to you? Working with a team of people you can trust who you know believe in your music.

Will you pre-prepare a speech or just fly by the seat of your pants? We’re not able to make it this year, unfortunately.

What’s been a highlight of your year artistically? Starting work on our next album and selling out our headline tour. Both were highlights for different reasons.

What about something that’s been a drag? Not being home with friends and family for long periods of time can be a bit of a drag.