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Carbon Offsetting Your Music For Less Than A Carton

29 March 2023 | 11:55 am | Sunny Luwe

Have you ever wondered, "how can I make my music with minimal impact on the environment?" So has Sunny Luwe.

(Pics by Andro Engelbrecht)

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I’m Sunny Luwe, a proud Weilwan woman and pop soul artist living on beautiful Kombumerri Country (Goldy), and I really care about the environment.

“How can I make my music with minimal impact on the environment?”

This is a question I sit with a lot and what ultimately inspired me to create a carbon offsetting guide for musicians to offset their next single.

The crazy part is, I discovered carbon offsetting is a lot more affordable than most of us realise (whilst also purchasing a high-quality carbon credit.)

Most musicians could probably offset their next single for less than a carton – a metric most Aussies are familiar with.

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Many of us are aware of the state of the Earth, the climate crisis, increasing temperatures, and rising oceans – and these issues and crises often become the muse for many musos. We are writing and singing about the challenges our society and Earth faces.

However, it is near inevitable now that you will contribute to carbon emissions when you create, fly somewhere, make a music video, and have your music streamed (a buttload, I hope).

This is where carbon offsetting can come in.

In an ideal world, we would perfect practises so they have minimal emissions – powering our recording spaces with renewable energy, travelling with electric vehicles, flying with SAF – sustainable aviation fuel; however, at a grassroots stage of a music career, these things might be out of your reach financially.

Carbon offsetting allows us to offset our emissions. By following the guide I created, you can purchase high-quality carbon credits through Rainforest 4 – a conservation project in Nth Qld that is buying back blocks zoned for development in the Daintree and preserving them.

Like anything, the quality of carbon credits can vary, and by offsetting with Rainforest 4, you are choosing a high-quality carbon credit and helping to preserve the world’s oldest rainforest.

I have included some steps to offset your next project and also the carbon I generated with my latest release, Fly Like A Bird.

The full guide can be accessed on my website.

Happy creating and offsetting!

Fly Like A Bird by Sunny Luwe is out now. Check it out below.