Brothels Open Their Doors To Live Music

26 September 2014 | 4:13 pm | SPA Confidential

"This is a back door revenue stream waiting to be tapped."

Brothels around Australian are set to open their doors to live music in an attempt to diversify their revenues streams.

Following news that adult website PornHub is launching it’s own label, the adult industry is set to push further into the music sector. According to a source close to one of Sydney’s most prominent establishments, deluxe ticket packages modeled on the traditional ‘dinner and show’ offering from music venues will be available to punters.

“For a while we’ve felt that the brothel experience is not all its cracked up to be,” said the source. “It’s always been a bit in-and-out, we want to convince people to remain at the venue. Sometimes people forget that while people are in the act they’re not spending money, not buying drinks. We need to give people a reason to hang around or risk going broke. It’s what the industry calls a ‘sticky’ experience, we need to create that.”

The source believes that their existing client bases will embrace the live music experience and that young, emerging artists will be the ones to benefit from the plan.

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“It’s getting harder and harder for young bands to get their break these days - both our industries have been shafted by the internet,” said the source. “We understand, we can work together. Not only will they be loading in through the back door, this is a back door revenue stream waiting to be tapped.

If the model is successful SPA Confidential understands that existing live music venues will look to replicate it by introducing brothel services into their venues.

“We’re watching this very carefully,” said a Melbourne venue owner who did not want to be named as preliminary discussions are currently underway. “It’s a unique idea, and that’s what this industry needs at the moment. Too early to know if it’s the money shot though.”