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Blunt Object: Third Strike.

2 December 2002 | 1:00 am | Eden Howard
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Edgeless Is More.

Blunt Object launch Edgeless at Her Majesty’s Bar on Wednesday.

“We’re waiting to get some labels put on it before it can go into the shops,” Blunt Object frontman Dez explains of their third CD Edgeless. “We’re waiting for barcode stickers. We got distribution organised after the discs we’d made the disc, and now we have to add them on.”

Edgeless is a powerhouse release for the local metal quartet.

“It was put together in July and August. It turned out really good. We made sure we were really ready and all our gear was up to it.”

For their third time in the studio, the band spent more time focusing on their songwriting.

“We got six songs down within the first six weeks. We played in a band comp and did all that kind of stuff. Now we spend up to three months just perfecting one song. Writing it to get it the way we want things to sound rather than just pumping things out the way we did with the first album.”

The extra time available for the band to work on their material has found some of their earlier tracks getting a re-working on the nine-song disc.

“There’s two songs from our first album that we wanted to do again, because we didn’t have much of a budget the first time, and there’s one track from our second album.”

How do you think your first couple of recordings stand up against what you’ve just put together?

“They don’t,” he laughs. “Because we didn’t have much to spend on the first couple we just kind of looked at them as demos to keep track of what we were doing. We were just waiting until the right moment.”

As well as the release of Edgeless, Blunt Object have their sights set on touring in the new year.

“We’re hoping to get out ands do a bit of stuff like Melbourne and Sydney this year. We’ve only been as far a Lismore. We’ve had nothing really worthwhile to take out with us, things we’ve been happy with at the end of the process. This is the first one we’ve all been happy with.”