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BIGSOUND 2019 Artist Focus: yergurl

1 September 2019 | 8:15 am | Artist Submission

What you need to know about your BIGSOUND artists.

Answered by: Fae Scott

Give us a short description of your music: Pop that makes you FEEEEEEEEL.

Which acts are on your must-see list at BIGSOUND? Aphir, EGOISM, FRITZ, Greta Stanley, Japanese Wallpaper, Jeida Woods, Nancie Schipper, Oh Boy, P-UniQue, Rebecca Hatch and Wolfjay! Oops, so many!

Why should people come and see you among the many amazing bands at BIGSOUND? People should come and see me if they want to get in their feels, get nostalgic, reminisce about an ex or time-travel back to the most peculiar of times in their youth.

What music trends do you think are dominating right now, and do you have any predictions for the coming year? In the big scheme of things, I have no clue. I try not to get too involved in what other people are doing because I'm prone to feeling pressure to conform sometimes.

In your career to date, what have been the key watershed moments? Touring with Wafia around Australia was my first tour-like experience and a taste of (hopefully) what's to come! Playing at Groovin The Moo was one of my biggest music dreams come true! It was so weird being backstage with huuuuuge artists and feeling like a superstar for a day.

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What industry lessons would you like to take away from the BIGSOUND conference? No clue currently... hoping to learn from the artists around me up there.

What do you identify as the most pressing issue impacting the Australian music industry at present? Not sure... hopefully a conference can help inform.

What is the best bit of advice you've been given to prepare for your time at BIGSOUND? Mum keeps reminding me to "just have fun" and it's super helpful for me because I'm super type-A, anxious and perfectionist and sometimes I just have to remember why I'm doing music and sharing it with everyone – because I love it and enjoy it!

When and where is your BIGSOUND showcase? 3 Sep, Famous Nightclub, 9pm; 5 Sep, The Valley Drive In, 8.20pm.