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BIGSOUND 2019 Artist Focus: Luboku

28 August 2019 | 8:20 am | Artist Submission

What you need to know about your BIGSOUND artists.

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Answered by: Luis Kennett

Give us a short description of your music: Space techno electronica.

Which acts are on your must-see list at BIGSOUND? Mojo Juju, LALKA, ZAN, imbi the girl and DVNA.

Why should people come and see you among the many amazing bands at BIGSOUND? I've put a lot of thought into these BIGSOUND shows, I'm determined that every person who sees me play will experience something unique. There's also stacks of new music I'm going to be trying out for the first time, so that's a bonus!

What music trends do you think are dominating right now, and do you have any predictions for the coming year? One of the things I've been really enjoying is the lack of dominating genres. If anything, I think there is more a breaking down of genre stereotypes, which is really exciting. I can't wait to see all the new music that gets put out in the coming years.

In your career to date, what have been the key watershed moments? It's hard to go past playing The Forum (Melbourne) with What So Not and being triple j Unearthed featured artist the very same week. That was a bit insane.

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What industry lessons would you like to take away from the BIGSOUND conference? The best lessons are the ones you're not expecting to get, so hoping to learn about a whole lot of stuff - just couldn't tell you what exactly that might be yet.

What do you identify as the most pressing issue impacting the Australian music industry at present? I think there are two big ones that I see - the first is the need to consciously work toward more inclusivity, and the second, which plays into the first, is stress and mental health. I don't have the answers but I think those are key issues.

What is the best bit of advice you've been given to prepare for your time at BIGSOUND? Be authentic, always.

When and where is your BIGSOUND showcase? 3 Sep, The Wickham, 10.30pm; 4 Sep, The Valley Drive In, 11.40pm.