BIGSOUND 2019 Artist Focus: EGOISM

31 August 2019 | 8:05 am | Artist Submission

What you need to know about your BIGSOUND artists.

Answered by: Olive Rush – vocals

Give us a short description of your music: All our songs are about being young and feeling emotional – we're just trying to bring those bedroom feelings to someone's ears really.

Which acts are on your must-see list at BIGSOUND? Shady Nasty, FRITZ, GAUCI, Cry Club, Johnny Hunter, Lil Spacely, Japanese Wallpaper, Obscura Hail, Sunbeam Sound Machine. Too many to count.

Why should people come and see you among the many amazing bands at BIGSOUND? I think the fact that we're a duo that shares songs equally really sets us apart. We write songs about each other constantly, only to sing them together. I feel like it projects a certain self-awareness that ends up feeling a lot deeper emotionally. At least we feel that way.

What music trends do you think are dominating right now, and do you have any predictions for the coming year? Bedroom-pop is gonna get even bigger than it is now, I guarantee it. Home recording is now at the point where artists can create whole songs all on their own, and the audience can hear the extra self-expression!

In your career to date, what have been the key watershed moments? When we decided to focus on ourselves as a duo rather than continuously trying to involve different band members. Triple j rotation for our song Enemies. Buying Logic Pro and beginning our journey into home recording.

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What industry lessons would you like to take away from the BIGSOUND conference? Patience, but also understanding the right moment to strike. A greater understanding of work versus downtime, and how to work smarter. The right way to make an investment, and how to make that return.

What do you identify as the most pressing issue impacting the Australian music industry at present? Global warming, it affects everything.

What is the best bit of advice you've been given to prepare for your time at BIGSOUND? Put the majority of your energy into just hanging out with other artists. It's a rare opportunity to be in the same place as so many people who have big things ahead of them. Make new friends.

When and where is your BIGSOUND showcase? 4 Sep, The Elephant Hotel, 10.30pm; 5 Sep, Heya Bar, 10pm.