BIGSOUND 2017 Artist Focus: Brightness

4 September 2017 | 4:44 pm | Artist Submission

More Brightness More Brightness

Answered by: Alex Knight - singer-songwriter

Hometown: Newcastle

Give us a short description your music: Relatively frank three to four-minute songs on the guitar that (ideally) evoke an atmosphere and stimulate contemplation.

What is the best thing musically that's happened to you/your band so far? Record deal with I OH YOU/Mushroom.

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What industry lessons would you like to take away from the BIGSOUND conference? Anything that widens my perspective (which can sometimes be pretty narrow). 

Why should people come and see you among the many cool bands at BIGSOUND? For warmth and shelter.

What acts are on your must see list at BIGSOUND? Jess Locke and Jade Imagine.

What do you reckon your percentage mix of business vs partying will be at BIGSOUND? 50/50.

When and where is your BIGSOUND showcase?  6 Sep, Black Bear Lodge; 7 Sep, The Zoo.