Beatles Back2Back Focus: Kav Temperley

16 August 2016 | 12:58 pm | Artist Submission

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Kav Temperley of iconic Aussie rock'n'roll outfit Eskimo Joe loves The Beatles - so much so that he's in a tribute band. Beatles Back2Back will be touring two of the most iconic Beatles albums, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and Abbey Road, with Temperley, Russell Morris, Jack Jones and Jon Allen slipping on the boots of McCartney, Lennon, Starr and Harrison.

We quizzed Temperley on his life long love affair with the musical bards. 

On when he discovered The Beatles: "I seem to have discovered each album in order, songs like Twist & Shout really appealed to me when I was very young, but by the time I was ten years old I thought Maxwell's Silver Hammer was amazing. So from very early on I started memorising chords and melodies."

On the first record he purchased: "I remember having a lot of crappy cassette recordings but I've probably bought Abbey Road and The White Album about 20 times each."

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His favourite Beatle is: "I've always loved Lennon's songwriting, but being a songwriter myself its very hard to separate where one persons idea begins and the others end. Lennon and McCartney certainly taught me a lot about collaboration."

Abbey Road Vs Sgt. Peppers: "Sgt. Peppers is inspiring and has A Day In The Life, which is one of my favourite songs of all time. I do come back to Abbey Road as it sounds so good sonically and the drums and bass at the start of Come Together is like a warm hug."

A Beatles hidden gem is: "Honey Pie on The White Album is amazing, you only need to listen to the Pixies cover version of the song to hear its true potential."

Will they perform true to the originals or put their own spin on the tunes? "Being a total Beatle-o-phile I do try and stay quite true to the tunes, but I also have one of those strange pokey voices that sticks out like a sore thumb wherever it is, so I will probably end up somewhere in the middle.