Australian Music Week Speaker Profile: Stephen Wade

17 November 2015 | 11:41 am | Artist Submission

"How can you get more hours into a day?"

Position: Owner & agent at Select Music

How did you first become involved in the music business? My father was in the industry and I was around music from a young age. Started playing in bands when in high school and then gradually got more interested in the business side of it.

What's your area of expertise and what experience do you have? I have been in the industry for 25 years and have pretty much done it all. Worked as a venue booker, label owner, promoter, ran a festival, managed acts but primarily an agent.

What topics will you be mostly talking about at Australian Music Week? I will be talking about my experiences in the live music industry and how we work on an act from humble beginnings and take them to the biggest stages in the country.

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What do you hope to personally take away from Australian Music Week? I personally love any events that get the industry together to brainstorm and talk about the business of music. Everything starts with one idea.

What's one question about the music industry you'd love to have the answer to? How can you get more hours into a day?