Aurateque: ‘It's Great To See The Flag Of Alternative Music Being Flown At BIGSOUND’

25 August 2023 | 3:51 pm | Staff Writer
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Ahead of their appearance at BIGSOUND 2023, Sydney heavy-hitters Aurateque reveal the artists they're most excited to see and what they hope to take away from the conference and music event.


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What do you hope to take away from BIGSOUND 2023?   

Aside from an accountant that we so desperately want (purely for clout intents and purposes). We hope to gain invaluable knowledge about the industry that we are a part of through key members of our community. There are so many ways to approach the whole music thing, and we want to be exposed to all sorts of walks of life because the music community is vast, knowledge is endless, and we want to experience as much as we can.

What is the most challenging thing about being an artist in 2023?           

I think we can all relate to the overwhelming pressure of standing out through social media. Realistically, what you put out there is a drop in the ocean as creating becomes more and more accessible. We have figured out that making content creation is exactly that - creation.

Making it fun and interesting adds something to our art, rather than making it a chore that we 'have' to do. We've found a happy medium in creating content that doesn't necessarily 'trend' but aligns with our values and makes us happy.

What has been the biggest turning point in your career so far?    

Releasing our debut EP, 'The Dragonfly Pursuit,' has been monumental for putting us in front of the right people and bringing us the best opportunities. The process itself has taught us so much and really provided us with a strong foundation as a band and as artists working within the music industry.

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Elevator pitch: Describe yourself as an artist and your music…     

We've curated a genre of our own, dubbing it Nu Punk. It's a blend of alternative metal and punk with elements of math-core and electronic. As artists, we try to remain authentic to our creative vision, and our artistic integrity has always been so important to us as artists.

Which act(s) are you most excited to see at BIGSOUND and why?

We're definitely the most excited to see Hevenshe, The Omnific & Full Moon Flower Band! It's really great to see the flag of alternative music being flown at BIGSOUND by such incredible acts that we've really loved. It's such an honour, and we can't wait!

Aurateque’s debut EP, The Dragonfly Pursuit, is out now. Aurateque will appear at BIGSOUND 2023. You can check out the BIGSOUND schedule here.