All The Colours - Vol 2

25 September 2015 | 5:57 pm | Staff Writer

Melbourne rock trio All The Colours have today released their second studio record Vol 2 which you can check out right here at

The new album was recorded over just one week at the iconic Rancho De La Luna in Joshua Tree, California, which has seen a number of the world's biggest rock acts record there, including Foo Fighters and Queens Of The Stone Age.

Commenting on the build up to the new release the band said, "It was a culmination of  months  of  writing  in  Melbourne  in  a  sacred  space  once  destroyed,  twice  abandoned,  and  5  solid  weeks  of  pre-production/slumming-it in Silver Lake, L.A."

"It really is an incredible place, we had no trouble throughout the album process finding inspiration. Just sitting around outside in the sun during breaks we would  come up with new chord progressions and song ideas, it all just flowed so naturally  in  that  environment.  It  has  something  to  do  with  the  magnitude  of  space  in  the  desert,  there  is  a  certain divine silence where ideas can be plucked from, you just need to tap into it."

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Vol 2 is already being called a breakthrough record for the band — give it a listen in full below.