I Reject Your Reality And Substitute My Own

21 March 2016 | 2:35 pm | Staff Writer

"Why can't I leave my gravestone blank and let graffiti artists determine who I was?"

Adam Jacobs wants to ask the question "'Are you anything like me?' — If you are anything like me," he posits, "you are a bit allergic to reality."

"I want to know, among other things," he continues, "have you ever put your right earphone in your left ear to hear what music sounds like to left-handed people?"

This line of questioning might give you a hint of the theme of Jacobs' show: "Reality — or, more specifically, the rejection of it. I don't believe I am alone in thinking that reality is far too full of itself. Reality needs to know that some of us suspect that it is not everything it pretends to be. Why can't I leave my gravestone blank and let graffiti artists determine who I was? Why can't I change the settings on my car alarm to sarcastic?

"It's a show full of short, insightful bits of nonsense, short songs and many good feels — a long attention span is not required but expect your thoughts to be a little provoked." It's an hour with more than just laughs, Jacobs hoping to instil "a sense that everything is negotiable" in his audience

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"There are so many forces trying to put us into boxes and categories that it is often hard to see the alternative ... I have been doing the work and feel that I can give people a chance to step outside the box and reacquaint themselves with the power of nonsense, a type of nonsense that lies very close beneath the surface of 'reality'… Heavy, dude."