Nine Acts That The Residents Want You To Know About

14 January 2016 | 2:01 pm | Staff Writer

Yeah, we hadn't heard of any of these either

We may never know what's going on behind the masks of iconic US art rockets The Residents but we can maybe begin to understand where the hell their music is coming from by taking a listen to their musical recommendations.

The band are about to embark on a trip to Australia that will take in Bluesfest and sideshows, bringing us the final part of their Shadowland trilogy show. 

The band themselves have tackled a myriad of genres from punk to lounge and electronica to the indescribable. The band are currently taking the form of Randy, Chuck and Bob and when asked to guide us toward some "unknown acts" to catch up with, this is what they came back with:



Tara Fuki


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Alamaailman Vasarat


The Sorcerers 

Kocani Orkestar


Solo Artists


Olafur Arnalds



("but he probably doesn't count as unknown")

Bob: "And Randy and Chuck's all time favorite group that ABSOLUTELY NO ONE ever, ever heard of is Frank & Clyde. They were a lounge duo from Indiana that put out one record back in the '60s. Randy still has it on his iTunes."


Wednesday 23 March — Croxton, Melbourne
Thursday 24 March  — Factory Theatre, Sydney
Saturday 26 March — Bluesfest
Sunday 27 March — Bluesfest
Monday 28 March — Bluesfest