A Day On The Green: Michael Newton

16 November 2015 | 4:36 pm | Artist Submission

Michael Newton of Roundhouse Entertainment, promoter of A Day On The Green, talks food and drink at the festival.

A Day On The Green is all about good food, fine wine and great music — what do these things look like to you? I would like to think it looks like any A Day On The Green show but those three things definitely make people happy wherever they are!

Are you a red or white wine man? Either, but partial to a big Pinot.

A Day On The Green champions BYO food to its concerts — in fact, you even have a 'picnic of the day prize'! How do you decide who wins? Does it come down to choice of cheeses or is it more about imaginative ideas? We actually look around through the crowd to find a great picnic. People spend a lot of time making sure they eat well… We've seen some amazing spreads over the years.

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There is a selection of food available for purchase if people forget to pack the picnic basket — what sort of grub can we expect to find? It depends on the winery (we play at 14 different locations) but there is loads of variety. Everything from salt and pepper squid, to tacos, gourmet pizza and decent coffee. The vendors are all quality outlets from the local areas. We also have the Garden Bar option, which is an upgrade from your concert ticket to have an all-day barbie, private bar, toilets and a place to hang with your friends.

What has been the weirdest foodstuff you've seen brought into A Day On The Green? A bottle of vodka up a roast chicken… Honest! 

What will be in your esky at this year's A Day On The Green? I think I'll eat at the food outlets… or ask my wife.