A Day In The Life Of West Thebarton Drummer & Tattooist Caitlin Thomas

25 June 2024 | 1:43 pm | Mary Varvaris

Thomas was named the South Australian Tattooist of the Year in 2021.

A Day in the Life of West Thebarton's Caitlin Thomas

A Day in the Life of West Thebarton's Caitlin Thomas (Credit: Caitlin Thomas)

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West Thebarton have been known as one of Adelaide’s most thrilling bands since their debut EP, West Thebarton Brothel Party, landed in 2015.

They’ve expanded on that reputation with tours, radio and media attention, and two albums: 2018’s Different Beings Being Different and Mongrel Australia, released via Domestic La La in March of this year.

The band are now touring in support of said album with special guests OK Hotel, and to celebrate, drummer and 2021’s South Australian Tattooist of the Year Caitlin Thomas has offered The Music a look into a day of her life.

You can find the tour dates for West Thebarton below, check out Mongrel Australia here, and purchase a physical copy of the album here.


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Image 1: I picked up Josh [Healey, guitar], and we joined the others driving for a few hours to a regional festival show in Caltowie. Here we are arriving, and we're graced with the welcoming smell of slow-cooked BBQ.

Image 2: Evie, the shop dog, comes in with me to help my clients feel comfortable. 

3: Found our singer Ray [Dalfsen] asleep shortly after our set. All in all, it was a good day, and I was keen as hell to head back to Jamestown Caravan Park for the night.

4: Brian [Bolado, guitar] is getting the set lists written up before the show. Also, I couldn’t believe how comfortable our backstage set-up was; they took care of us here in Caltowie. 

5: Creative space, ready for tattoos. 

6: My day starts with me arriving in my little studio. The heater is turned straight on, and today’s playlist is based on The Smiths.

7: Every studio day involves a bit of incense and a flick through some of my recent book finds. 

8: Tattooing! 

9: Ryan’s tattoo all finished, he sat like a champ for such a tough spot. 

10: Tattoo station is cleaned and ready to go. The stencil is ready for a cool tiger and snake design I’m doing on my client Ryan’s shin.

11: Time to draw for today’s tattoos. 

12: On stage, we had a great view of the crowd and a couple of bonfires in the distance—it was such a fun show. 

West Thebarton

‘Mongrel Australia’ Album Tour

With Guests OK Hotel

FRI 21 JUN - The Governor Hindmarsh, Adelaide SA

SAT 22 JUN - The Tote, Melbourne VIC

FRI 28 JUN - Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane QLD

SAT 29 JUN – Crowbar, Sydney NSW

Tickets are available here.