28.03.22 - 10 best heavy tracks that dropped last week!

29 March 2022 | 4:51 pm | Staff Writer
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Quite simply put - last Friday was one of the best New Music Fridays of the year so far. Here's what The Faction slung on Rotation yesterday.

More Windwaker More Windwaker

Last week, there were SO MANY DAMN releases - and SO many of them were incredible. It was difficult to cull them down to ten, to be honest. BUT - here we are. 

Cop these Ten newies from Aussies A Night In Texas (who just signed to Unique Leader and announced their new record), Architects (the final focus track from their Live from Abbey Road/Orchestral collaborations - album also dropped on Friday last week), Dance Gavin Dance returned for a new one and a video featuring. Rob Damiani from Don Broco, Dayseeker dropped a new one after a relatively long absence, Five Island Drive debuted their first ever single and video and introduced non-binary vocalist Frankie Jean to the world, Floya also announced their existence to the world - a new project from Phil and Marv from Alazka and Time, The Valuator, Islander dropped the HARDEST thing since cement with their new single featuring HR from Bad Brains, Northlane released Carbonized along with a video just ahead of their Full Tilt Melbourne performance, US rockers Nothing More released the first taste of new music and possibly a new album & Windwaker released the third single from their forthcoming album Love Language!

Suss them all below.

1. A Night In Texas - God's Throne
You couldn't go any harder than this for Deathcore in Australia. The tradition of Australians putting out only the FINEST deathcore continues here. Unique Leader have picked up a cracking new signing with this and we wouldn't be surprised if they surprised everyone come album release time when the album charts in Australia.

2. Architects - Little Wonder (Abbey Road Version)
There's just nothing that Architects can do that wouldn't get props from us. They ARE the metalcore/rock template of how to do big, emotional, stadium heaviness with credibility and integrity. Everyone and their dog loves them now since Animals, and frankly, rightfully so. Can't WAIT to hear their next release.

3. Dance Gavin Dance - Synergy feat. Rob Damiani
There's just not enough words to talk about how big a Tilian-era simp I am. Add in Rob from Don Broco and I am FROTHING IT.

4. Dayseeker - Neon Grave
Big, Melodic and catchy as. Synthy background sounds bed the vocals in here - and seem to compliment them whether the vocal lines are harsh or clean. Dayseeker dropping this and then announcing that they are coming here on tour with Thornhill is GENIUS.

5. Five Island Drive - The Record
This is SUCH an incredibly strong debut track from a brand new band - and welcome to the world, Frankie Jean. There's a big wide open lane for you here and we see way more success for this band in the future.

6. Floya - Wonders
Phil and Marv (ex-Alazka and Time, The Valuator) have returned to the music scene as FLOYA - and debuted this one through Arising Empire. It's not "heavy" per se, but damned if isn't cool as hell and interesting to fans of those bands and anyone who loves a GOOD GOD DAMNED CHILL in their day that still has technical prowess and edge to it. This band has something to that screams that they might just BLOW THE HELL UP.

7. Islander - Skateboard Flowers feat. HR from Bad Brains
See Previous Statement. This is PURE HARDNESS.

8. Northlane - Carbonized
Another case of excellent timing, Northlane dropped this one ahead of their Full Tilt Melbourne Festival appearance on Saturday March 26 and people already knew it enough to sing along on the day. Northlane are on track to put out the Aussie heavy album of the year *AGAIN*. This one is a warning to predators and abusers - and frankly, not a moment too soon. GTFO creeps.

9. Nothing More - Turn It Up (Stand in the Fire)
I love me some Nothing More since I saw them at Soundwave. They truly had my jaw on the floor their entire set. Their last album 'The Stories We Tell Ourselves' didn't quite get me as hyped as their self-titled one did, but damned if this one ain't a return to form for me. BIG, BIG stuff.

10. Windwaker - Glow
The Windy Boiz lined up all the singles and plotted them on a graph ahead of their campaign starting and said "If we release the singles in the order Beautiful, Lucy, Glow, the line that represents Epicness just goes UP and keeps going. Let's just do that."


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