Founded: 1995

Location: Helsinki

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Moonsorrow is a Finnish pagan metal band formed in Helsinki in 1995. Musically, the band incorporates elements of black metal and folk metal in their sound. The band call their sound "epic heathen metal" and try to distance themselves from the term "Viking metal". They have distanced themselves from other folk metal bands, emphasising that their music is pagan and spiritual and is challenging for its listeners, rather than happy or danceable. The band members have varying levels of pagan belief but they draw on pagan spirituality for lyrics and inspiration.


2001 Voimasta ja kunniasta
2001 Suden uni
2003 Kivenkantaja
2005 Verisäkeet
2007 V: Hävitetty

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Moonsorrow Unleash Australian Tour Dates

Moonsorrow Unleash Australian Tour Dates