Fourplay String Quartet

Founded: 27 / 4 / 1995

Location: Australia

Fourplay String Quartet

FourPlay String Quartet is a string quartet from Sydney, Australia, formed in 1995 and renowned for playing music not typically associated with the format.FourPlay's members include brothers Tim Hollo (violin and viola) and Peter Hollo (cello), Lara Goodridge (violin and vocals) and Shenzo Gregorio (viola); former members include: Veren Grigorov (viola) & Chris Emerson (viola). Although all members of FourPlay had formal classical training, the band play an eccentric form of rock music, with subtle influences from three of the four band members' Jewish heritage (although FourPlay regard themselves as an Australian band above all else) as well as gypsy, pop, folk, hip-hop, electronica, post-rock, folktronica and many other forms.


1998 Catgut Ya' Tongue?
2000 The Joy Of
2006 Now to the Future
2009 Fourthcoming
2014 This Machine

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