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Frenzal Rhomb, Dick Nasty, F.U.C. - Max Watt's (formerly The Hi-Fi Brisbane)

Mar 8th 2014 | Daniel Johnson
Self-proclaimed “environmental nu thrash” duo F.U.C. start proceedings tonight, and in addition to being one of the loudest two-pieces to ever grace The Hi-Fi stage, they're also the most scantily clad. With tongues and mankinis planted firmly in cheeks, the pair manage to make their music speak louder than the obvious visual distractions, with songs such as Dolphin Trolley and The Elephant Song getting a particularly enthusiastic response.
Although members of Dick Nasty have performed in several other bands – including Undead Apes, Teargas and Ah, Fuck That – over the last 18 months, this is the band's first Brisbane show since they launched their latest album Heaven's Filling Up. Despite the long hiatus between gigs, the lads perform a surprisingly tight set, and judging by the reception they get they've been sorely missed. Guitarist Geordie Stafford sings a good deal of tonight's songs, with The Conquistador From El Salvador Ain't No Fucking Matador and How Satan Got His Hooves Back particular highlights, as well as Birth, School, Amity Affliction Death, with John Mercer on vocals, and Lucas Moore's A New Hope In The Age Of Couches.
Frenzal Rhomb open their set with We're Going Out Tonight, from 1999 album A Man's Not A Camel, before playing a veritable greatest hits set. Songs from latest album Smoko At The Pet Food Factory don't feature as heavily as one might expect, but the few they do play – including Mummy Doesn't Know That You're A Nazi, When My Baby Smiles At Me I Go To Rehab and Bird Attack – get almost as rousing a reception as anything else in tonight's set. The band delves back to San Souci for White World and Russell Crowe's Band, before airing some live favourites including Ship Of Beers, All Your Friends, Racist, Bucket Bong and Mr Charisma.
“This song was banned from the setlist for ages,” vocalist Jay Whalley says before giving You Are Not My Friend a rare Brisbane airing. The band then play a few more songs, finishing their set proper with Never Had So Much Fun, before exiting the stage briefly and returning for what Whalley declares will be a “three-song encore”, starting with Punch In The Face, which garners a predictably raucous response. Next up it's Chemotherapy, from Frenzal's first EP Dick Sandwich, and the band's cover of the Home & Away theme. Thankfully, the band think better of finishing on such a low note and squeeze in the profanity-laden (Get Fucked You Fucking Fuckwit) You Can't Move Into My House. Despite being a band for longer than some of the punters at tonight's show have been alive, Frenzal Rhomb's set is as energetic and infectious as it was two decades ago.


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