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Rose Callaghan And Mates - Imperial Hotel

Apr 7th 2014 | Baz McAlister
Host Rose Callaghan has put together a rolling roster of her comedy buddies for this early-evening show at The Duke Of Wellington, a fantastic way to kick off a big night of laughs over a frothy pint while it's still light outside. Callaghan is a fantastic MC, driving home laugh after laugh as she energetically rolls through yarns about her hipster-infested share house and her dating disasters, with a splash of twerking for effect. The night The Music come down, Sonia Di Iorio and Genevieve Fricker fill out the bill. Di Iorio's musings are spot-on and really inspire us to pick up a ticket to her solo show, while Fricker's reading of a hardcore erotic Frasier fanfic seems to befuddle a taken-aback crowd – but full marks for trying something novel and changing it up. One suspects it would have brought the house down five hours and five pints later into the night.

The Duke Of Wellington Hotel & Imperial Hotel to 13 Apr


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