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Girls Uninterrupted: FML - Trades Hall

Apr 4th 2014 | Mandy McAlister
Girls Uninterrupted (Louise Joy McCrae and Nicolette Minster) are a sketch comedy duo with a smash-and-grab approach. From the outset they're charming, hilarious and taking all your LOLs before you even know what's happened. Their characters, from the permanently duck-faced pollie Carol Brown, to a male comedy band duo called Funny Boner, and a Honey Boo Boo-like pageant princess, parody familiar icons, holding a mirror up to the farce. Mainly they're being piss-funny and making you laugh out loud in public about things you whinge about in private.

Trades Hall: Evatt Room to 20 Apr


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FML Girls Uninterrupted Suzanne Truman

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