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Liz Skitch: Spoilt - The Butterfly Club

Mar 31st 2014 | Kathleen Langham
Liz Skitch is a true master of impersonation and satire. Her show Spoilt sees her take on five characters that range from the self-obsessed to the truly narcissistic. There's camera-loving Larissa who believes that “every clown has its silver lining”, karaoke-singing marriage celebrant Jackie who's lost the ability to cry, and fitness fanatic Peta Swift PMT (personal management trainer) who believes you should Start Loving You Today (SLUT). Be prepared for mild levels of audience interaction that include questions about sexual fantasies, shoulder massages and an onstage fitness workout. If you're into multiple wig changes, crazy brides and deluxe doggy doo doo, then this show's for you. 

The Butterfly Club to 6 Apr


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Liz Skitch

Liz Skitch

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