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- Any Old Love

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"This here album is good ol’ fashioned Americana... straight outta Brisbane."

Feb 17th 2014 | Label: Plus One Records

This here album is good ol' fashioned Americana... straight outta Brisbane. Any Old Love is held together by country folk clichés, while the sweet sentimentality of the title track, divided into four parts, serves to shake it up again. Dulcify brings some poppy cuteness to the mix while the gentle toms and staccato banjo of Hard Life Loving You make for an understated standout. There's nothing groundbreaking here but Any Old Love does well to inspire the desolate imagery of wide open roads and tumbleweeds; a decent addition to any part-time country folk fan's collection.



Saturday 11th April

Born To Run: A Tribute To Bruce Springsteen feat.
The Moses Gunn Collective + Good Oak + Love Hate Rebellion + Halfway + Sahara Beck

The Triffid, Newstead

Friday 24th April

Halfway + The Gin Club + Mosman Alder

The Triffid, Newstead

Saturday 9th May

Nick Barker & The Heartache State + Halfway

Cherry Bar, Melbourne

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