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Piers Twomey & The Advisors Pop Kills Stephanie Tell

Piers Twomey & The Advisors

Pop Kills

Independent/Laughing Outlaw

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Piers Twomey & The Advisors

Pop Kills

3.5 stars

Opener 23 Seconds sounds like it could be the backing to a montage in a rom-com. It’s pure pop, unashamedly so; melting harmonising dreamboat vocals into naïve, melodic rock tunes. This inoffensive, teeny-bopper offering has a certain ‘90s air, but evokes a more general, timeless pop sound. The folksy, lyrical Road Rage is the gem of this release. Backed by his full band, Twomey’s beautifully crooning vocals mesh into a track that is simultaneously emotive and upbeat. While ‘serious’ music enthusiasts might cringe, ultimately this EP doesn’t pretend to be something it’s not.

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