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Crystal Fighters
- Cave Rave

Crystal Fighters’ music may not necessarily challenge listeners, but it certainly is creative and flippantly gratifying.

Jun 15th 2013 | Label: Universal
There aren't too many modern bands that can list “txistu” or “txalaparta” on their instrumental repertoire. Both are traditional folk instruments from Basque country and underpin the concept of Crystal Fighters' electronic/Spanish folk fusion. The British band have created a unique sound that is an eclectic combination of funk, tribal, folk and electronic pop. Cave Rave is the second album release from the band and follows the 2010 distribution of Star Of Love.

Audiences and critics alike have been expecting big things from Crystal Fighters after their debut created a stir with the 'endless summer' vibe it radiated. The band have described Cave Rave as more holistic and less experimental than Star Of Love. However, from a listener's perspective, Cave Rave is more of the joyous, feel-good pop that was so highly celebrated the first time around. Although this genre is nothing new in the music world, Crystal Fighters have breathed new life into it by taking the basic ingredients (namely synths, grooving beats and uplifting harmonies) and injecting high-energy Basque rhythm and percussion. 

The tracks on Cave Rave that feature these unique, high-tempo percussion elements, such as Wave and Love Natural, are clear standouts – they are exceptionally energetic and infectious. That being said, the entire album boasts punchy and charming production, successfully bridging continents, genres and time. The lyrics are hopeful and quaint throughout, enticing audiences to “bathe in sunlight (LA Calling) and “separate the truth from the things we know” (Separator). Crystal Fighters' music may not necessarily challenge listeners, but it certainly is creative and flippantly gratifying.


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