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A Thin Line


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A Thin Line

If recording an album in a shed in the Yarra Valley can inspire and produce the beauty of Blackchords’ newest release; every band needs to step out of the ordinary recording studio. The second album for the Melbourne band, A Thin Line is a perfectly crafted mix of electronic infused indie-pop, with energy pulsing through every ambient track

Beginning with title-track A Thin Line, Blackchords beckon you in with their layers of synth, acoustics and percussion. After an unforgettable crescendo, the album continues to dance around with its electronic and pop influences in songs like Oh No and Dance Dance Dance. Oh No has a chorus so catchy, you’ll been singing it for days. From Here has an electronic feel that makes you feel like you should be listening to go-happy lyrics, but instead the lyrics chill you. Vocalist Nick Milwright sings “I’m a dead man walking, along the road to my reckoning” – and you find yourself wanting to walk beside him.

The theme of the album revolves around fighting everyday distraction and endeavouring to follow a narrow path (a thin line) to your ambitions. By keeping on a thin line and avoiding distraction, the band have created a solid 10-track release that ironically distracts you from your own life and takes you to a different world.

A Thin Line is a beautiful follow up to the bands debut self-titled album. The Blackchords have exceeded expectations and created an album brimming with masterfully layered tunes and tasteful electronic indie-pop sounds.

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