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Pissed Jeans
- Honeys

If you’re pissed off at someone or you’ve had a particularly bad day it’s definitely worth your while to have it close to hand for playing as loud as you can while you scream along.

Feb 12th 2013 | Label: ABC/Universal
My first reaction when I began listening to this album was to check to see if I had a blood nose. I mean, it seemed appropriate. The filthy, gritty guitar rang in through my headphones and rattled my skull so much that something must have gone wrong. I can tell you now, the rest of the album holds true to this feeling. It's the sort of berating, relentless, hardcore punk that makes you want to get into fights and raise hell, and it leaves you downright exhausted by the end of it. Eleven tracks of anger and delicious noise; this album is definitely not for the faint-hearted.

Four years on from their last release (King Of Jeans), Pissed Jeans haven't changed their sound or progressed too much. This is only half a criticism, though. To their credit, they're remained incredibly consistent and true to their direction. Highlights of this album include the opening track, Bathroom Laughter, the seamless fade-in of Romanticize Me with the guitar bringing the whole song down on your head, and the drunken, volatile swagger of Male Gaze. It's also worth mentioning Cafeteria Food, which hangs back in tempo and volume in comparison to the other tunes. The energy and momentum is by no means lost in this instance, but rather the album is given a chance to breathe before it lurches into the next barrage of sound.

This album is a great listen, and if you're pissed off at someone or you've had a particularly bad day it's definitely worth your while to have it close to hand for playing as loud as you can while you scream along.


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Pissed Jeans Honeys Dan Condon

Pissed Jeans Honeys Dan Condon

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