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Tinpan Orange
- Over The Sun

Tinpan Orange have found brilliant form with Over The Sun.

Nov 27th 2012 | Label: Vitamin
The soothingly seductive sounds of six-foot siren Emily Lubitz and her Melbourne-based band Tinpan Orange are throwing down the gauntlet to the likes of Sarah Blasko, Clare Bowditch and Lisa Mitchell in the indie folk scene. Since the band's debut back in 2004, Tinpan Orange have evolved from a charming brother-sister duo to a five-piece powerhouse, with the addition of Harry Angus from The Cat Empire (and husband of lead vocalist Emily Lubitz) on keys and trumpet, Alex Burkoy on strings and Danny Farugia on drums, helping Emily and Jessie Lubitz unleash their most considered album to date, Over The Sun.

The band have much to thank their new members for, with credit given to Angus and Farugia for the thumping, pulsating groove of Barcelona and Burkoy's string arrangements on tracks such as Like Snow and Supergirl driving the dramatic tension, rather than acting as simple accompaniment. The album demonstrates a delicate yin and yang, chopping and changing from themes of happiness, melancholy, playfulness and seriousness in order to create a beautiful ebb and flow. The old-world charm of Emily's vocals allows the theme of nostalgia to resonate across the whole album; it's emphasised most, however, in tracks Lonely People – an ode to the King himself, Elvis Presley – and the slowed-down, dreamlike cover of the theme song from the classic '90s TV show Round The Twist

Cruelly, the album finishes with one of the most energetic tracks, Tattoo On Her Wrist, leaving the listener desperate for just a few more minutes of spinning-around-in-circles-like-a-crazy-person-dance-time. Tinpan Orange have found brilliant form with Over The Sun; we can't wait to see what comes next.



Saturday 7th November

Jamgrass Music Festival feat.
Harts + Tinpan Orange + Mustered Courage + Richard In Your Mind + Quarry Mountain Dead Rats + The Morrisons + The Imprints + The String Contingent + The Stetson Family + John Flanagan + Mr Alford Country + The Drunken Poachers

Bundoora Park, Bundoora

Thursday 19th November

Ron Sexsmith + Trinity Roots + Ben Ottewell (Gomez) + Robert Forster + The California Honeydrops + Harry James Angus + Hauschka + We Two Thieves + Arte Kanela Flamenco + Emma Donovan & The Putbacks + Tinpan Orange + Jenn Grant + Hat Fitz & Cara Robinson + Brian Nankervis + Anne McCue + Suzannah Espie + Tora + Jones Jnr + Hein Cooper + Mt Warning + Montaigne + Raised By Eagles + Cornerstone Roots + more + Mullum Music Festival

Mullum Music Festival, Mullumbimby

Friday 27th November

Queenscliff Music Festival feat.
Augie March + Ron Sexsmith + Angus & Julia Stone + Hoodoo Gurus + Kate Miller-Heidke + Paul Dempsey + Lior + The California Honeydrops + John Williamson + Melbourne Ska Orchestra + Robert Forster + Cookin' On 3 Burners feat. Tex Perkins + Stella Angelico + Harts + The Snowdroppers + L-FRESH The LION + Damian Cowell's Disco Machine + Kingfisha + OKA + Ainslie Wills + Hey Frankie + Tinpan Orange + Raised By Eagles + All Our Exes Live In Texas + Morgan Bain + Blue Eyes Cry + Trinity Roots + Hollie Smith + Louis Baker + Estere + Thomas Oliver + Mustered Courage + Sahara Beck + Benny Walker + 19-Twenty + Franky Walnut + Hailey Calvert + Ben Whiting + Tash Sultana + Josh Cashman + Josh Rennie-Hynes + Alexandra Pye + Queenscliff Music Festival

Queenscliff Music Festival, Queenscliff

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