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Watch Unwritten Law Trash Stage After Perth Set Cut Short

May 19th 2014 | 3:46pm | Staff Writer
Unwritten Law's set was cut about six songs short on the Perth leg of the Hits & Pits touring festival at Capitol last night.

The band's frontman Scott Russo and drummer Wade Youman trashed the drum kit before storming offstage.

At the final date of the tour, headliners Unwritten Law played for around 40 minutes before hitting a midnight curfew and having the power cut, despite Russo begging for two more songs.

The power was cut during Up All Night, which Youman began after the band had been told their set was over. They finished the song with only drums and a crowd singalong and the pair then threw backline drums, and cymbals owned by The Causalities drummer Mark Eggers, around the stage.

Capitol booking agent Jeff Halley told that liquor licensing laws strictly prohibit any noise after 12am.

“It's just the law. We're not allowed to go past 12 o'clock, and if we do we risk the venue's licence and open ourselves up to fines.”

“If we could keep them going all night, we would, but we can't. We have to have them finish at 12 o'clock at the latest – that's the law. That's the straight out liquor licensing laws on a Sunday. We can't step a minute over [midnight] otherwise we get absolutely crucified.”

Usually Capitol would only be allowed to trade from 8pm, but Hits & Pits received an extended trading permit allowing them to open doors at 3pm.

Hits & Pits 4.0 is currently being scheduled for November.


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