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Photos From Green Day's Secret Pub Show In Sydney

Pic by Cole Bennetts
Feb 21st 2014 | 8:47am | Staff Writer
Soundwave headliners played a secret show at Sydney pub the Captain Cook Hotel last night, prompting diehard fans and the intrigued to rush across the city at about 10.30pm last night.

Borrowing gear off local bands like Born Lion and plugging their own guitars in (which refused to stay in tune given the heat), they raced through a set of classics to a crowd who could barely believe their luck. contributor and Next Media editor Lachlan Marks said, “At 10.40pm I was in my underpants working on spreadsheets. By 11pm I'd picked up two friends, parked illegally and run back to the pub.”

Footage by Lachlan Marks

Our photographer Cole Bennetts managed to get in to the show and in difficult circumstances (it was impossible to get to the front of the stage and his gear was fogging up due to the fact it was raining sweat from the ceiling) managed to get some great shots.

It is understood the venue were contacted yesterday afternoon to organise the gig. It's not a bad little get for the Cook, particularly considering they've begun holding more gigs this year.

We can't exactly remember the set list, but what have gone with feels pretty right.

99 Revolutions
Know Your Enemy
Nice Guys Finish Last
Stuck with Me
Rusty James
Brain Stew
St. Jimmy

American Idiot



Pics by Cole Bennetts

This footage is being rotated, just waiting for YouTube to process it… In the meantime, turn your head sideways


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