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Megadeth Cancel Soundwave Tour

Feb 10th 2014 | 9:23am | Staff Writer
Californian thrash metal heavyweights Megadeth have today announced that they will no longer be coming to Australia for the Soundwave Festival tour.

Dave Mustaine posted the following message on the veteran band's Facebook page this morning:

"Due to circumstances beyond its control, unfortunately Megadeth has to cancel their Australian dates. Megadeth's decision is unrelated to the fact that Jason Newsted is performing at Soundwave. Jason and I spoke recently and continue to be friends."

Last week, Jason Newsted's Newsted were kicked off Megadeth's sideshows, with Whitechapel named as the replacement. This weekend, Newsted confirmed a new set of sideshows with thrash icons Testament.

Soundwave have yet to make an official comment on the situation, although promoter AJ Maddah did tweet the below around the same time the news broke this morning - he has also since retweeted Megadeth's post about the cancellation.

We will keep up to date with any further developments.

UPDATE: AJ Maddah has revealed on Twitter that there will be no replacement for Megadeth, saying "Mastodon are a worthy headliner for the metal stage and tbh a bigger band at this point" and there will be longer sets from other bands on the bill.

Maddah has also started to shed some light on Megadeth's cancellation, with fans questioning the decision over Twitter.

UPDATE: Dave Mustaine still wants to play Soundwave. He says all he wanted was an apology and that his bags are packed for Australia. 



Friday 16th October

Megadeth + Children Of Bodom

Red Hill Auditorium, Red Hill

Sunday 18th October

Megadeth + Children Of Bodom

Hordern Pavilion, Moore Park

Monday 19th October

Megadeth + Children Of Bodom

Festival Hall, West Melbourne

Wednesday 21st October

Megadeth + Children Of Bodom

Eatons Hill Hotel, Eatons Hill

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