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Fans Offered Refunds After Taylor Swift Stage Collapse
Taylor Swift @ Suncorp Stadium by Stephen Booth

Fans Offered Refunds After Taylor Swift Stage Collapse

A minor staging collapse affected audience members in the most expensive sections of Saturday night’s Taylor Swift show at Brisbane’s Suncorp Stadium, forcing those closest to the stage to be evacuated from their prime position.

A Nine News report claims the stadium was plunged into darkness as promoters looked to rectify the potentially dangerous situation, leaving Swift to chat with the 40,000 crowd while the hazard was alleviated.

One theMusic staffer who was in attendance says the platform that collapsed was bouncing significantly before giving way, but admits it was not raised far off the ground and “wasn’t terribly dramatic”.

“The floor was bouncing like a trampoline, then apparently a section broke so they cleared the area out,” he says. “It was raised less than a metre above the field.”

A number of fans have let their anger at the incident known on Suncorp Stadium’s Facebook page, many lamenting the fact they missed songs due to being forced to leave their area and some admonishing the behaviour of security onsite.

“We were thrown into the middle of the aisles of the stadium, only so often catching a glimpse of Taylor,” one fan said. “We missed out on numerous songs due to being moved all around the stadium.

“The way security treated us was absolutely unacceptable and degrading. Standing in front of us whilst we were trying to watch the show, being physically pushed and yelled at, being shoved around the whole stadium…”

Our source on the ground said that he felt that the audience's safety was never in jeopardy and praised the response to the incident.

"They handled it well and no-one was in any danger at all," he says.

Tour promoters Frontier Touring say that less than one percent of the audience were affected, but those who were will be duly compensated.

"On Saturday night, an issue with staging at Taylor Swift's Brisbane Suncorp Stadium concert required the relocation of patrons from a small area around the stage for safety reasons," a statement from the company reads. "This affected less than 1% of the fans in attendance, and they were moved within the venue. Safety of Taylor's fans is considered paramount, and once all fans’ safety was ensured, the show continued."

According to Suncorp Stadium, Frontier have offered full refunds to those affected and have encouraged fans to contact Ticketek on 132849 to make the necessary arrangements.

Suncorp Stadium will host Bon Jovi and Kid Rock on Tuesday 17 December.

This story has been edited to include a statement from the tour promoters.


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