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Jack White’s Ex-Wife Issues A Restraining Order

Aug 2nd 2013 | 12:22pm | Staff Writer
One of the world's most adored rock musicians of the present day, Jack White, has been slapped with a restraining order from his ex-wife Karen Elson according to Nashville's The City Paper.

Elson and White split back in 2011 and threw a party to celebrate the seemingly mutual break-up. Things have turned nasty in recent months, mainly with regard to parenting rights; White wants to help bring up him and Elson's two children while Elson doesn't believe he is fit to be a parent.

White is accused of sending harassing emails and text message and is said to have a “violent temper”.

Perhaps most interesting are the circumstances in which White, who has allegedly refused to attend family counselling, has chastised Elson for casually associating with unnamed musicians he believes have 'ripped him off' musically.

It is reported that White wanted Elson to pull the children out of a class in which the child of another entertainer who ripped him off was present. Another alleged circumstance had White berating Elson for attending the wedding of a musician who had also ripped him off.

The order reads: “Wife fears for her and the children's safety as a result of this harassment.

“This pattern of husband's bullying wife into submission was a contributing factor in the demise of their marriage."

The order means that White can now only contact Elson via email and can only do so if “it relates to parenting time with the parties' minor children.”

He was served the order, signed by Circuit Court Judge Philip Robinson, on Monday 22 July. White and Elson have a hearing scheduled for Thursday 29 August to try and settle the dispute over custody of their two children.


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