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Atlas Genius Planning New 'Polish Dubstep' Sound For Second Album?

The new faces of Polish dubstep?
Jul 23rd 2013 | 12:44pm | Staff Writer
When we recently sat down with Adelaide indie band and the US adored Atlas Genius, they weren't giving too much away when we asked for details on a second album from the pair.

"Polish dubstep," joked vocalist/guitarist Keith Jeffery on what direction they planned to take on LP number two. Laughs aside, Keith and his brother and AG drummer Michael confirmed that they had begun the early stages of creating some new material.

"We've had a few days off in the last couple of months, like nothing huge, but just a couple of days where I've started to write some new stuff, but it's not until we get together and kind of spend some time on it I think that it will really start to happen," Keith explained. "But probably early next year..."

Words that will surely please their fans, both here and of course, abroad where they've really made their mark over the last twelve months. The brothers spoke about their time in the US where they cracked the Billboard Alternative Charts and their buzz run at the SXSW conference back in March. Check out the interview below.

Atlas Genius will open for the Stereophonics tonight at the Metro City venue in Perth and return home to Adelaide tomorrow night for their own headlining gig at Rocket Bar. Their album When It Was Now is available now.


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