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The Used's Bert McCracken On Moving To Australia & Warped's Importance

Jul 20th 2013 | 2:17pm | Benny Doyle
It's a great time for The Used to be announced on a national (or thereabouts) tour Down Under as McCracken won't have to venture too far from his own backyard. The frontman has just tied the knot with an Aussie and will be soon calling Sydney home.

“I'm really excited about living there man, becoming a dual citizen and getting my fucking Straya on!” Yep, Bert's going to be one of us – “[You] know it! But we all are one the same aren't we? We really all are bits of stardust.”

McCracken talks about what the Warped festival symbolises to him.

“I guess in my mind it really represents a common bond between artist and fan, or artist and patron if you will. I think the feeling of equality and everyone getting together because they love music is a really powerful thing. There's a real common bond on this year's Warped Tour, kinda thinking deeper and maybe trying to change the world a little bit. Giving a shit.”

And for the 31-year-old, it means everything to be able to give back to fans at an event that helped his passion for music burn in the beginning. “I went to Warped for like four or five years [as a punter] and I loved it, it was like my one chance during the summer to get out and feel like I was part of something,” he recalls with a smile. “So I understand how it is out here.

“The first time I ever went to Warped I think I was twelve or thirteen and I got right through the gates and I went straight to the front of the very first show – I can't even remember who was playing – and immediately I went up for an epic crowd surf and somebody pulled off both my shoes and I just loved it – loved it. And I still walk around with no shoes, still looking for that motherfucker that stole my shoes!”



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