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SPA Confidential Special Report: An Exclusive Chat With Kevin Rudd

Photo taken from the Prime Minister's website.
Jul 17th 2013 | 4:33pm | SPA Confidential
This week was offered a super special exclusive interview with the Prime Minister of Australia, Mr Kevin Rudd. This interview came with no strings attached – the style and content of the conversation was up to us – and was conducted in a typical room in a corporate environment.

We jumped at the opportunity of course, because we want to make sure politicians are addressing the important youth issues that affect our readers.


Our least hardworking journo SPA Confidential took on the job of getting to the bottom of plenty of issues, with a strong focus on the controversial National Broadband Network.

SPA Confidential: Kevin Rudd, Prime Minister of Australia and all round good bloke, thanks for your time.

Kevin Rudd: Haha! My pleasure.

SPA Confidential: First things first, can we get a tip in the footy tonight?

Kevin Rudd: Well I am a proud Brisbane resident so I'd have to say Queensland, but there are certainly strengths on both sides and I'm interested in seeing a good game of rugby league.

SPA Confidential: Moving on, how shithouse is the coalition's plan for the NBN?

Kevin Rudd: There's an old Chinese saying “jǐ jiā huān xǐ jǐ jiā chóu”, which means one man's disaster is another man's delight. I truly consider their idea to be a delight, that is how bad it is.


SPA Confidential: What are your thoughts on the youth, Mr Rudd?

Kevin Rudd: I believe the children are our future. The needs of the youth are vitally important.

SPA Confidential: Really well said.

Kevin Rudd: Thank you. I think you'll find that Tony Abbott and his coalition aren't nearly as concerned about cool youth issues as I am.

SPA Confidential: I saw today that you wrote a note to excuse a young lad from going to school today?

Kevin Rudd: Wasn't that just a great moment that showed the humanity of a good Queensland bloke like myself? We all had a good laugh. We like to laugh on the campaign trail. While addressing youth issues.

SPA Confidential: How are things out on the road these days?

Kevin Rudd: Well I wrote that note for that child, so I think that's quite obvious. We're out there for families. Of which the youth are often a part.

SPA Confidential: Yep, fair enough. Seeing as we're a music website, we'd like to know what you've been listening to of late?

Kevin Rudd: If Labor is elected at the next federal election, the youth of regional Australia will have access to hot music like the Mumford and Sons and Taylor Swift and Burzum.


SPA Confidential: Mr Rudd, you're not answering my question.

Kevin Rudd: I'm getting to it… Under a coalition government I can't guarantee Australian families will be able to open their Spotify accounts, whereas Labor will be aiming to make premium quality streaming a breeze.

SPA Confidential: Yes, but Mr Rudd, would you please divulge your own musical preferences?

Kevin Rudd: Well I'm mainly guided by Therese and the kids, so you'd have to ask them, but I do have a soft spot for the Australia All Over CDs and the work of a young Lionel Richie.

SPA Confidential: How would those songs sound on a Labor NBN?

Kevin Rudd: Fantastic. Crystal clear.

SPA Confidential: And under the coalition's plan?

Kevin Rudd: It would sound like Cory Bernardi playing in a Skrillex tribute act.

SPA Confidential: Thanks for your time Mr Rudd.

Kevin Rudd: Cool dude!


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