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Canberra EDM Festival Foreshore Takes Year Off

Crowd at the 2012 event. Pic from Facebook.
Jul 9th 2013 | 10:35am | Scott Fitzsimons
Canberra's Foreshore festival has announced that it will not hold an event in 2013 and focus its attentions to next year's event.

The EDM-indie cross over festival has in the past provided a November stop in the nation's capitol for artists touring with over festivals and tours, but today promoters Kick Entertainment said that they had been unable to secure the “high standard people have come to expect”.

Festival Director Jeff Drake said, “This has been an incredibly difficult decision for Ryan [Phillips, co-promoter] and I. We feel so fortunate to have staged six highly successful Foreshore events with our partners, a tradition we will continue in 2014.”

Last year's event attracted a world class line-up which was headlined by Tiesto, Calvin Harris, 360, Example and Major Lazer.

Earlier this fellow cross-over festival Parklife announced its cessation and was replaced by boutique event Listen Out. Totem Onelove's Stereosonic has expanded to two days, however.

Today Drake told, “There are always fantastic artists from Australia and touring to Australia that we can choose from. It's not about a lack of artists, but rather a combination of artists that inspires us for the there event.”

He added that, “2013 is no more or less uncertain than the previous six years we have run the event. It's about creating an event we find truly inspiring and a step forward that offers something for the Canberra audience.”


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