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Lil B Lashes Out At Sydney Show

Lil B reaches out to his 'Based God' worshippers. Pic by Josh Groom.
Jun 17th 2013 | 3:54pm | Sally-Anne Hurley
There was a whole lotta confusion at hipster rapper Lil B's gig at Sydney venue The Standard over the weekend.

After a handful of mumbled rants early on in the set about the lack of security provided to him, the internet sensation lost his trademark positivity and cool when he lashed out midway through the gig. After inviting a bunch of his fans on stage with him, the man they call 'The Based God' blasted “I guess I'm a fucking underground artist cause no one wanna give me some fucking security!”

Shit continued to get weird with the rapper practically putting a halt on his performance for nearly five minutes as he posed for snaps with the fans on stage and continued his rant to the crowd. He then hopped up onto one of the side speakers and apologised to his worshipping fans in case he got a little too aggressive.

His trademark confidence was also on full display, with many classic one-liners, which kept the based kids happy and the minority confused as to whether this guy is actually for real. “I'm the fucking Dalai Lama of hip hop,” he exclaimed not long before giving himself a plug – “shout out to Lil B, shout out to the 'Based God'!”

You Can Fuck My Bitch and Wonton Soup were probably the highlights, performance wise, despite the absolute ridiculousness of their lyrics. His fans lapped up both – probably the two most obvious moments when the rest of the minority dumbfounded onlookers realised that these kids worship the 'Based God', whether he's a walking parody or not.

Reports, however, from another reviewer at the show and also last night's Perth gig were as positive as the reputation the rapper prides himself on.


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