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Record Store Day 2013: The Releases You Need

Apr 18th 2013 | 3:47pm | Dan Condon
Unfortunately, we do not have an unlimited amount of money at our disposal – as lucrative as writing stupid shit about music on the internet is – so we're going to have to restrain ourselves somewhat when we make a trip around the record stores of our respective cities for Record Store Day on Saturday.

But we can dream, right? Here's what's on our shopping lists for this most glorious occasion. These won't all be available at every store, so you'll have to try your luck on the day! How exciting.

You can check out what record stores around the country are planning for the big day right here. Or read interviews about Record Store Day with You Am I's Russell Hopkinson and the great Russell Morris.

Full list of releases is available here. That's a lot of very, very cool records…


If you don't like Jimi Hendrix's Somewhere then there's something wrong with you. The 7” release of this through Sony will be one of the first records we seek out on Saturday morning.

RSD RELEASE: 7” single through Sony Music

AT THE DRIVE-INRelationship Of Command

Brilliant, almost perfect modern punk rock record. Reissued on vinyl with a couple of exclusive bonus tracks just for Record Store Day.

RSD RELEASE: 12” LP through Twenty-First Chapter

THE CURE Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me

The 1987 record that helped jolt The Cure into the mainstream.

RSD RELEASE: 2 x LP through Rhino

DAVE BRUBECK TRIODistinctive Rhythm Instrumentals

While it was far from one of Brubeck's most popular records, this 1953 release sees him playing with time signatures in that playful but technically brilliant way that made him so groundbreaking.

RSD RELEASE: 10” LP through Concord

TAME IMPALA – Tame Impala

The first EP from the world beating Perth psych lords is excellent and it's available on vinyl for Record Store Day.


The Stones are almost sure to come out to Australia soon, so what better time to reconnect with one of the best rock'n'roll bands in history. This 1964 EP has the band at their most effortlessly soulful, featuring tracks by the likes of Wilson Pickett and Chuck Berry as well as a couple of great Stones originals.

RSD RELEASE: 7” single through ABKCO

THE SHRINENo Penalty/Future Of Our Nation

Brisbane people can score a special orange 7” single from The Shrine; we haven't heard their new song No Penalty or their cover of the classic above, but their past homages to 70s rock and 80s punk have us willing to take a punt.

RSD RELEASE: 7” single through Tym Records

BOMBINOAzamane Tiliade/Si Chilan

A single taken from the brilliant, recently released Nomad record.

RSD RELEASE: 10” single through Warner


Two previously unreleased versions of Dylan tracks from the sessions surrounding his 1970 LP Self Portrait.

RSD RELEASE: 7” single through Sony Music

GZALiquid Swords [Chess Box Set]

If we stumble across one of these on Saturday you better get out of our way because we're buying that sucker no matter what it takes. The brilliant Liquid Swords, housed in a special pacage that doubles as a chess set.

RSD RELEASE: Vinyl box set through Get On Down

THE HOLD STEADYCriminal Fingers

Unreleased Hold Steady tunes! Two of the bastards! Including this one from Game Of Thrones.

RSD RELEASE: 7” single through Vagrant


One of the best hip hop records you'll ever hear. This 1994 masterpiece still sounds fresh and will sound wonderful cranking from your turntable on Saturday night!

RSD RELEASE: 2 x 12” LP (white vinyl) through Rhino


The debut EP from the masterful Earle, featuring a heart-wrenching title track that'll make you weep all over the wax it's pressed onto.

RSD RELEASE: 10” EP through Bloodshot Records


This is one of the toughest blues records you'll ever hear; Big Mama Thornton went to a couple of prisons in America's northwest in the 1970s and belted out these enormous tunes. Buy for essential late Saturday night listening.

RSD RELEASE: 12” LP through Vanguard

THE ANIMALSThe Animals Are Back

First time it has been released on vinyl since 1964, not much more we can say that the tracklisting doesn't scream at you: We've Got To Get Out of This Place, Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood, Bring It On Home To Me, Club A Gogo.

RSD RELEASE: 10” EP through Vanguard

FELA KUTISorrow Tears and Blood/Perambulator

These two brilliant, affecting slices of genius Afrobeat reissued as a 12” single.

RSD RELEASE: 12” Single through Knitting Factory Records


The brilliant 1994 record from Daniel Johnston, which was initially released on Atlantic Records, might have been a flop when it came out, but it features some of his finest material and still sounds great!

RSD RELEASE: 12” LP through Org Music

WILLIE NELSONCrazy: The Demo Sessions

Skip that Roll Me Up And Smoke Me When I Die 7” and get some classic Willie from before he was a star. This will sound great on vinyl.

RSD RELEASE: 12” LP through Sugar Hill


One of the best songs from McPherson's debut LP Signs and Signifiers with the smouldering A Gentle Awakening as the b-side.

RSD RELEASE: 7” single through Concord

SLAYERHell Awaits

Genuinely one of Slayer's most evil, scary records, their 1985 second LP will scare the shit out of your neighbours if you play it loud enough.

RSD RELEASE: 12” gatefold LP (half orange/half red).


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