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Spit Syndicate
Feb 20th 2013 | 1:05pm | Sally-Anne Hurley
Joe Gideon & The Shark - Freakish

"Freakish suffers from some unevenness, yet that barely detracts from what is a fun, inventive listen, and in Joe Gideon we have a truly idiosyncratic wordsmith."

Various Artists - Son Of Rogues Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs & Chanteys

"If you dig amongst the wreckage there's plenty of treasure to be found in the form of both unique songs and big-name artists operating outside of their usual comfort zones."

Running Gun Sound - Friends

"Friends is an assured collection of rock songs, and if it does end up being Running Gun Sound's epitaph at least all involved can take solace in the strength of this parting salvo."

Guards - In Guards We Trust

"In Guards We Trust is manipulative indie pap that's manufactured for the slaves to fashion, advertising and summer festivals."

Darwin Deez - Songs For Imaginative People

"Songs For Imaginative People works so hard to be the geek outsider that it becomes unlikeable, no matter how much Smith squirms and whines."

Mitzi - Truly Alive

"The blissed out feel-good notes that Mitzi hit across this accomplished album make it the perfect soundtrack for those memorable good times."

Lord - Digital Lies

"The greater breadth means grizzled metal fans may not appreciate certain aspects of Digital Lies. Most other heavy music fans, however, are sure to be willing to hear their truth."

Bonnie Prince Billy & Dawn McKenzie - What The Brothers Sang

"This rich, sepia-toned effort is worth a listen, especially if you're not familiar with the genius of The Everly Brothers style of country."

Dan Friel - Total Folklore

"It's the audio equivalent of overdosing on red cordial; pure, woozy, adrenalised hyperactive euphoria, which while it may leave you with a slight headache, won't have you regretting a single minute you spend with it."

Spit Syndicate - Sunday Gentlemen

"With this album, they have squeezed every ounce from their spare moments and emerged with a gem."


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