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Northlane Reveal They're Behind The Intricate 'Singularity'

Feb 20th 2013 | 4:14pm | Dan Condon
There have been all sorts of rumours flying about as to what the hell record label, music event and management company UNFD have been playing at with their online Singularity campaign.

Well, it's not a joint album, a festival or a new band, it's the new record from Sydney's so-called "galacticore" outfit Northlane and it will be release through UNFD on Friday 22 March.

The first single from it will be called Quantum Flux and will be released this Friday 22 February.

Here are the clues that Northlane and UNFD dropped in the lead up to the album reveal.

1. A magazine advertisement for Singularity that came out last week has a binary code that translates to "Northlane, Quantum Flux, February 22"

2. The B-Side to the bands recent one sided Worldeater 7" had a binary code on it's label also saying "Northlane, Singularity, March 22"

3. The site has been releasing all sorts of different images with tracks names and such. The site just passed 300,000 views

4. This YouTube video has some hidden messages in it...

A little bit different to sending out a press release...

We'll have more on the new record as details come to hand.


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