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Harlem Shake DJ Touring Australia

Feb 20th 2013 | 6:06pm | Scott Fitzsimons
Last year New York City producer and DJ Baauer was starting to make a name for himself with some tight remixes and a bit of a Beatport profile.

But then some kids in Queensland took his track Harlem Shake, made a video of themselves dancing ridiculously to it and posted in on YouTube. From here on in, Baauer – aka 23-year-old Harry Rodrigues – will be known as the 'Harlem Shake Dude'.

With millions and millions of views across over 40,000 variants on the 'Harlem Shake' dance moves, it is one of the biggest pieces of viral content the internet has ever seen.

Rodrigues will be touring some very intimate clubs this April and May and we're going to be really interested to see how he keeps everyone still – bar one guy in a racing helmet – before the first drop.

Tour dates below and – like we weren't going to – examples of the Harlem Shake below them:

Wednesday 24 April – Hand Picked, Metro City, Perth
Thursday 25 April – Clubhouse, Canberra
Friday 26 April – Onefiveone, Wollongong
Friday 26 April – Chinese Laundry, Sydney
Saturday 27 April – Studio, Auckland New Zealand
Wednesday 1 May – The Nark, Bettys, Wellington New Zealand
Thursday 2 May – Beez, Rocket Bar, Adelaide
Friday 3 May – Oh Hello!, Brisbane
Saturday 4 May – Rats, Brown Alley, Melbourne
Sunday 5 May – Oh'LaLa, O'Malley's, Sunshine Coast

The Original:

The Nascar Team:

The Army:

Our Own Backyard:



Saturday 31st October

This That feat.
Asta + Atlas Bound + Baauer + Birds Of Tokyo + Carmada + Ivan Ooze + Jaytee Hazard + The Jungle Giants + Kilter + The Kite String Tangle + Rufus + Slumberjack + Stephane 1993 + Sticky Fingers + Tkay Maidza + more + This That Festival

The Foreshore, Newcastle

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