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Azealia Dismisses Homophobia In Perez Hilton Rant

Feb 20th 2013 | 2:29pm | Scott Fitzsimons
The bitter war between rapper Azealia Banks and gossip blogger Perez Hilton is not going away anytime soon as the Future Music Festival star claimed that homophobia was a non-issue in a rant against Hilton.

Regularly involved in spats over social media, during her heated interview with, which has already generated international headlines, Banks didn't leave anything to the imagination in her criticism of Perez.

“You're a fucking idiot,” she said, mock-addressing the internet star, “you jump in the middle of a catfight and got scratched up, that's what the fuck happens. You jump into the middle of an argument, and you got scratched up. Sitting on the fucking internet, trying to play a fucking estrogen war, trying to cat-scratch me – are you fucking serious?”

Banks went on to further justify her controversial use of “faggot”, which she's claimed doesn't mean a homosexual male, but rather a male who acts like a female.

“When we use the word nigger and when we use the word faggot, at some stage, here and there, we use them basically to just identify each other as people who have liked survived as social outliers, you now what I mean?” she told theMusic.

“But you Perez Hilton, you're just outside the outsiders. You know what I mean? You have so much jealousy and disdain for people who have light, people who shine the light through the world.”

Much of Banks' considerable anger comes from accusations that she is a homophobe, but she downplayed the whole issue.

“Even if I was a fucking homophobe, so what? Even if I fucking did hate gay people, if I hated all the fags in the world, so what? Seriously, seriously… There are people who don't like black people, there are people who don't fucking like Chinese people, some men don't like to fuck fat bitches, some men only like Asian pussy… who fucking cares? Who fucking cares? Go fuck yourself, seriously. You know what I'm saying?

The full interview will be printed in tomorrow's The Drum Media Perth and on

Azealia Banks will be playing the Future Music Festival and sideshows.


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