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DragonForce & The Sword Team Up For Sidewaves

Jan 31st 2013 | 12:36pm | Dan Condon
DragonForce are awesome. Yeah, they cop a lot of shit because they're considered to be a bit of a novelty, but these dudes are absolute freaks when it comes to playing their instruments and they're not afraid to have a really damn good time while they are playing which is more than we can say for many other bands.

Hell, they're so cool they don't even mind taking money from massive banks for appearing in their commercials! This is definitely the best thing a bank has done in a long time…

They are on their way back to Australia for Soundwave and will headline two special sideshows in Sydney and Melbourne for those who want to catch them up close.

Joining them on these shows are Texan hard-rock/metal masters The Sword, who have a similar kind of fantasy element to Dragonforce, but tend to go about things a little bit more seriously with music that pummels into your chest a little bit deeper and probably makes you want to pull a few cones moreso than go for a run or fight an evil wizard while riding a unicorn like the headline band does.

They're both awesome bands, they're playing two pretty intimate shows and they're going to be a hell of a lot of fun. Dates are as follows, tickets are available from tomorrow morning at 9am!

Monday 25 February – Billboard, Melbourne
Thursday 28 February – The Metro, Sydney


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