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Inside Dune Rats' Epic Stoner Film Clip

Jan 30th 2013 | 2:59pm | Dan Condon
Brisbane indie duo Dune Rats have the internet abuzz today as they reveal the "Green Version" of the film clip for their Red Light, Green Light song.

It all started with the band putting the idea out to their fans.

"If 1000 people like this post we WILL shoot a film clip copying DZ Deathrays film clip "The Mess Up" except instead of skulling a bottle of Jager..... we'll smoke as many bongs as we can (with a surprise ending) in an attempt to set some kind of world record. If I were you i'd tell all my friends :) #freemarijuana"

Here's that DZ Deathrays clip...

The response was huge.

Plans were hatched.

The timing had to be just right...


After effects...

And, now, here's the result...

And, as an added bonus, here's what smoking that much weed in that amount of time will do to you. Pay particular attention to Dune Rats' drummer BC on the right of screen.


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