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The Living End Announce Incredible Supports

Something For Kate
Oct 5th 2012 | 10:54am | Dan Condon
The Living End are clearly just interested in partying like a bunch of demons at the end of this year. Sure, they'll be working their guts out as they pump through all of their records for their adoring fans one after the other in intimate venues across the country. It's a 39 date tour, but it's going to be fun!

The band have enlisted some pretty amazing supports for their mammoth Retrospective Tour, names like Something For Kate, The Meanies, Area 7, Ash Grunwald, Even, The Smith Street Band, Cabins and a "mystery band" calledIvy & The Big Apples.

As well as these amazing bands, DJs like Grinspoon's Phil Jamieson (aka 2ManyPJs), Brad and Zok from Gyroscope, DANGEROUS!, The Beards, Hamish Rosser (Wolfmother/ex-The Vines) and Johnny Mackay from Children Collide (aka DJ Cosmic Dolphin) will man the wheels of steel between bands, no doubt pumping out a wide variety of tunes on any given night.

Also, the band have added another two Melbourne shows, taking their total tally of Corner Hotel dates to 11!

Full details are below. As you can see, a lot of the shows are sold out and after this announcement a heap more of them will follow suit. Get onto it now!

The Rosemount Hotel, Perth

Thursday 1 November – State of Emergency (Sons of Rico & Gyroscope DJs)
Friday 2 November – MODERN ARTillery (Sons of Rico & Gyroscope DJs)
Saturday 3 November – TEIJTBR (Sons of Rico & Gyroscope DJs)
Sunday 4 November  – Roll On (The Growl & Gyroscope DJs)
Monday 5 November  – The Living End – SOLD OUT (The Growl & Gyroscope DJs)
Tuesday 6 November  – The Living End (The Novocains & Gyroscope DJs)
Wednesday 7 November – White Noise (The Novocains & Gyroscope DJs)

The Gov, Adelaide

Sunday 11 November – Roll On (Area 7 & The Beards DJs)
Monday 12 November  – The Living End (Area 7 & The Beards DJs)
Tuesday 13 November – The Living End (Area 7 & The Beards DJs)
Wednesday 14 November – White Noise (City Riots & DANGEROUS! DJs)
Thursday 15 November – State of Emergency (City Riots & DANGEROUS! DJs)
Friday 16 November  – MODERN ARTillery (City Riots & DANGEROUS! DJs)
Saturday 17 November – TEIJTBR (City Riots & DANGEROUS! DJs)

The Hi-Fi, Sydney

Wednesday 21 November – White Noise (Even & 2manyPJs)
Thursday 22 November – State of Emergency (Even & 2manyPJs)
Friday 23 November  – MODERN ARTillery (Even & 2manyPJs)
Saturday 24 November  – TEIJTBR (Cabins & 2manyPJs)
Sunday 25 November – Roll On (Cabins & 2manyPJs)
Monday 26 November  – The Living End (Area 7 & 2manyPJs)
Tuesday 27 November – The Living End (Area 7 & 2manyPJs)

The Zoo, Brisbane

Saturday December 01 – TEIJTBR (Band of Frequencies & DJ Hamish Rosser)
Sunday December 02 – Roll On (The Medics & DJ Hamish Rosser)
Monday December 03 – The Living End – SOLD OUT (The Medics & DJ Hamish Rosser)
Tuesday December 04 – The Living End – SOLD OUT (Ash Grunwald & DJ Hamish Rosser)
Wednesday December 05 – White Noise (Ash Grunwald & DJ Hamish Rosser)
Thursday December 06 – State of Emergency (Ash Grunwald & DJ Hamish Rosser)
Friday December 07 – MODERN ARTillery (Kingswood & DJ Hamish Rosser)

The Corner Hotel, Melbourne

Tuesday 11 December – The Living End – SOLD OUT (The Meanies & Cosmic Dolphin)
Wednesday 12 December– White Noise – SOLD OUT (Kingswood & Cosmic Dolphin)
Thursday 13 December – State of Emergency – SOLD OUT (Dave Larkin Band & Cosmic Dolphin)
Friday 14 December – MODERN ARTillery – SOLD OUT (Something for Kate & Cosmic Dolphin)
Saturday 15 December – TEIJTBR – SOLD OUT (The Smith Street Band & Cosmic Dolphin)
Sunday 16 December – Roll On – SOLD OUT (Money for Rope & Cosmic Dolphin)
Monday 17 December – The Living End – SOLD OUT (Area 7 & Cosmic Dolphin)
Thursday 20 December – Roll On – EXTRA SHOW JUST ADDED (Area 7 & Cosmic Dolphin)
Friday 21 December – The Living End – SOLD OUT (Ivy and The Big Apples & Cosmic Dolphin)
Saturday 22 December – The Living End – U18 DAYTIME SHOW (The Smith Street Band & Cosmic Dolphin)
Saturday December 22 – The Living End – SOLD OUT (Ivy and The Big Apples & Cosmic Dolphin)



Saturday 31st October

Decades Festival feat.
Cold Chisel + The Living End + Something For Kate + more

Pine Rivers Park Amphitheatre, Strathpine

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