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Personality Test: Edu Imbernon

Edu Imbernon
Jan 31st 2013 | Staff Writer

How would your mum describe you?
My mum always says that I'm someone that knows what I want. She says that I have my ideas very organised, I'm a perfectionist in every aspect of life, hard working and a good person. But that's what she says... :)

Who inspires you musically?
In particular bands like The XX or Metronomy. I love guitars, voices, synths... so basically anything that makes me feel something, anything that inspires me.

Name three tracks currently detonating your dancefloor.
Reset Robot - Snow Leap [INTACTO]
Tapesh & Maximiljan - One Night [LEENA MUSIC]
AliEfeDinc - Playin (H2 remix) [EKLEKTISCH]

Tell us about a classic dancefloor moment.
Being at Space Ibiza opening party, 4 years ago, a guy i know was kissing a girl and at the same time trying to show me her IDbecause the surname of the girl was Imbernon...

What's the musical achievement you're most proud of?
Being able to do an official remix for The xx hit Crystalised and then also remixing Reunion a track from their new album a few weeks ago!!

What's one record you're embarrassed to admit you own?
None actually, just the first records sound a little 'raw/fresh' but that comes with the inexperience of releasing music at 18 years of age I guess. :)

Spike Milligan quipped he'd like his tombstone to read 'I told you I was ill' – what would be on yours?
'Dance like there is no tomorrow'.

What's something that really annoys you?
People that send demos to my label, and CC in 100 labels more at the same time.

Imagine you're on death row. What's your last meal request?
It would have to be the best quality Spanish ham (Jamon Serrano) with homemade bread and tomato slices for starters, Paella cooked by my grandmother and a pumkin and almond cake cooked by my mother...haha :) Or possibly a loaf of bread with the jail key inside so I could break outta that joint!

Name one person living or dead you would love to party with and why.
My older brothers, they are ten and twelve years older than me and as yet I have never had the chance to have a proper party with them.

What's ruling your world at the moment?
All the new releases and remixes coming out in the next months, the idea of recording an album for summer and touring Australia, North America and South America in the next weeks.

What can we expect to hear from you in the near future?
More music, more remixes, an album release tour for 2014 and maybe a live show after the album.

Edu Imbernon will be playing the following dates:

Friday 8 February - Onesixone, Prahan VIC
Saturday 9 February - The Goldfish, Sydney NSW
Sunday 10 February - Garden Party, Perth WA


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